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Supernatural - memorable quotes

2. ledna 2012 v 17:26 | Katherine (or Nessie/Katjes) |  Supernatural
Dean (4x05:Monster movie) to Dracula
I can't get over what a pumpkin-pie-eyed, crazy son of a bitch you really are. You're not Dracula. You get that right? Or even if you think you are Dracula, what the hell's up with the Mummy?
Dean Winchester: Well, look at me. I mean, I came back from the furnace without any of my old scars, right? No bullet wounds, knife cuts, none of the off-angle fingers from all of the breaks - I mean, my hide is as smooth as a baby's bottom. Which leads me to conclude, sadly, that my virginity is intact.
Sam Winchester: What?
Dean Winchester: I've been re-hymenated.
Sam Winchester: Re - Please. Dean, maybe angels can pull you out of hell, but no one could do that.
Dean Winchester: Brother! I have been re-hymenated. And the dude will not abide!
I am Nessie, Katherine or Katjes
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